Time To Wake Up

This week, listening to the news about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy I observe myself….. Fascinating watching the emotions that bubble up and subside only to be replaced with something else. From anger at my perceived view of her stupidity, to sadness that a woman as supposedly “intelligent” as her, with the world’s best at her fingertips would resort to such treatment! So this observation leads to my first blog really!

Scientific data knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that we create our reality and the work of Dr Bruce Lipton, (The Biology of Belief), a cellular biologist who taught medical students brought Eginetics to the foreground when he proved that we are not our DNA nor are we are genes and that in essence we are a reflection of many things – nutrition, psycho-spiritual states that feed into our physiology and lifestyle and environmental factors. It is more about the environment we are in. than the family we were born into! If our cells are divided into two and one lot of cells is placed near food, they will move toward it. If the second lot are placed near toxins they will move away from it. What does this mean? Well if we are raised in a hostile or dysfunctional environment in any way, shape or form, this in turn reflects in our health. So, if our grandmother, mother and sister all created cancer, is there a chance we will create it too? Of course there is…. unless we change our thinking, our environment and our diet.

What is upsetting is the fear all this breeds in people. Scientists know that psychological trauma associated with the diagnosis of cancer can actually drive the malignancy and one report shows it can lead to an increased risk of heart related deaths in the 7 days following diagnosis. Over a decade ago the central dogma of molecular biology – that our DNA controls protein expression and therefore disease risk was disproved. The misperception is not that you even have or don’t have the BRACA genes (that Angelina underwent surgery for), it is that there are literally thousands of mutations in both BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes and it might surprise you to learn that some of these mutations actually reduce the risk of breast cancer! Doing more research I find that 70,000 breast cancers (31% of annual breast cancer diagnoses) are misdiagnosed each year! November last year an article published in the NEJM that that 13 million US women were overdiagnosed and overtreated for so called breast cancer in the past 30 years. We would be naïve to think that doesn’t happen here also. These were abnormal screen detected breast findings that never would have progressed to cause harm. However many women underwent lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation, chemo and were statistically considered survivors. Amazingly the stocks of Myriad Genetics soared (they are the patent holders of the human genes BRCA1/BRCA2) soon after Jolie’s announcement.

We need to embrace the body mind spirit connection and understand that what goes on in the body is a signal from our brain that something is not right and pain/ill health is generally the way we stop and take notice. So what is cancer – the breasts are about nurturing so breast cancer often reflects women who give to others or who are too busy carving a career to look after themselves and eventually the body rebels. (Secret Language of the Body, You Can Heal your Life etc).

Our brains can change and grow different neural pathways, the dendrites of the brain do alter significantly but it starts with thought. That is why it is so important that we actually do the work on ourselves, learn how to think for ourselves and not just replicate and verbalise that which we have been taught. The world has changed. We are not at the effect of events, we are the creator of those said events and it is time we all got that. You cannot believe thought is creative in part. Either it is or it isn’t. If it is, then it is in ALL cases…. our health, relationships, job satisfaction, financial state etc. Those words “As Man thinketh” or some derivative thereof are in every religious book since the beginning of time.

So it is time to de-program our minds of all those thoughts that lead to lives that don’t work in one of the above areas. Reprogram them to know we can have it all, that we are here to thrive, to live in a state of love and joy and to be of service to others. How do we do that? How long is a piece of string? Read books, go the seminars, get a coach, do sessions in any one of the myriad of healing modalities (The LifeLine Technique) is my favourite. Doesn’t matter what you do as long as you DO something…. And do it more than once. Just like an acorn does not turn into a mighty oak overnight, neither do we become the beings we are meant to be overnight. We fall so easily into the old patterns, the old ways of thinking, so we need to be with people who inspire us and call upon us to be more than we thought we could be.

We need to heal our relationships, starting with ourselves. A new course I recently attended showed instantaneously how quickly we get out of our “identity” and into the identity of someone else, be it mum, dad, whoever. Once we are not in our identity we can’t be authentic and interestingly it turns people off listening to us because on some level they know something is “out”. It is not possible to be who you really are without a lot of work but I think that is what w are here for so what else have we all got to do with our lives beside keep growing and learning.

So today I thank Angelina for showing me where I still need to heal…. my righteousness/ego at thinking she did it ‘wrong’ and I wouldn’t have done that! Ho’opno’pono to her for showing me where my light still needs to shine into myself. I honour her journey and I choose mine from a place of consciousness and education. The lessons continue to come. Infinite Love and Gratitude, Diane

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