Tantra for Couples Video Testimonials

Comments from participants...

Tantra has completely realigned our spiritual and emotional understanding. After 33 years of marriage we thought we knew it all. Tantra has taught us how to really love ourselves and given us a far deeper love and understanding of each other. Thank you. We are committed to returning every year to give ourselves the incredible experience of Tantra.

John and Gayleen Glover, Houseboat Operators, Riverland SA

We thought we had all the answers. We were very much in love and it had continued to get better over the years. Tantra showed us that although we had all the ingredients for the cake and an oven to cook it in, we now discovered the correct way to put the ingredients together, the right temperature and what’s more, we found the icing to go on the top. Great experience.

Paul & Kerry. Self employed, SA

For us, our relationship was new. We were both divorced and somewhat afraid of commitment, yet really wanting to cement our relationship. Tantra proved to be the catalyst for a permanent relationship which continues to bring us joy. The tools given are lifetime tools that providing you use them, will always bring you back to love, which is why we got together in the first place. Incredible experience.

Glenda & Jo, Qld.

From Tantra I gained the following:
* The knowledge of my sexuality which was locked away inside me, and which I didn’t know how to access, was finally given the okay to come out and play and have fun.
* I learned to surrender and not to close down.
* I felt as though I had been touched for the very first time at the age of 43 physically, emotionally and spiritually in the most caring and beautiful way possible.
* It released the pressure of performing that I had previously felt in sexual relationships, i.e. it does not matter if there is no intercourse at the end.
* I proved that sex can give me great healing and it took me to great heights of passion which I never thought possible.
* I have finally grown into the woman that I have spent my life looking for.
* I have a totally honest relationship with my husband now, even to the point of acknowledging that what I have to say might hurt his feelings, yet we can now talk it through in a diplomatic and loving way. Thank you Diane and Robert for your caring and sharing in a fun and informative way. Garry and I had a great relationship for many years prior to Tantra and now our relationship is even more open, loving, nurturing and though both of us agree that we are totally independent of each other, we both choose to be with each other unconditionally. Our love making is now very sacred which is so different from before.

Yve and Garry Ashton, Horticulturist and Housewife.

For us, Tantra was a wonderful opportunity to deepen and explore our love and sexuality in a beautiful, peaceful setting supported by two very capable, experienced and loving teachers. Magic abounded at every corner in this course. We both lead very busy lifestyles with long hours and a lot of pressure and we believe that every couple owes it to their relationship to take time out without the interruptions of everyday life, purely to concentrate on their relationship. That is what Tantra provided us with. It also gave us practical and profound techniques to take away with us to continue improving and deepening our emotional and sexual connection.

Melissa B, Lawyer and Corporate Trainer and Michael B., Banker

“A transformational experience for couples” Diane understands the spiritual nature of the sexual connection. Robert the practical nuts and bolts of how to make it work. I always knew deep down inside that my sexual experience was sacred, yet I didn’t really understand it. I didn’t realize that my husband and I were not communicating fully on sexual matters until we attended the Tantra workshop in Bali 15 years ago. Then it was like a light bulb had turned on. We discovered what we wanted to communicate with each other and how to do that. For the first time, we thought clearly together about our relationship values and goals. I fell in love with my husband all over again and that respect and love continues to grow and light up my life. The sacredness of our sexual experience underpins our relationship in the most profound way.”

Jane and John, Adelaide

“Before writing this testimonial, we wanted to take the time post Bali to reflect, to practice our learning’s & to better understand the role that Tantra will play in our lives. Once the door that Tantra provides is open it is impossible for it to ever truly close again – because having experienced the deep connection, closeness & heartfelt love with your partner – you know that forever and a day you have experienced pure love. It can be challenging to incorporate & practice the learning’s around a busy life, kids and everything else that places demands on us – but when we do practice we re-connect & remember each other, ourselves and what is really important in life.” The Tantra for Couples programme was exceptional & we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to spend a week with you both – thank you for what was truly one of the best experiences we have ever had together.

Jason & Laurene, New Zealand

Diane and Robert’s light hearted but committed approach to teaching Tantra was warmly received by ourselves and the whole class as we settled into five and a half days of loving sexual discovery comprising of theoretical class education and instruction in the privacy of our hotel room. Any awkwardness and anxiety that I’m sure we all carried disappeared in the first session as the magic world of Tantra was expertly explained to us in a light, humorous manner, putting us all at ease for the rest of the course. The new techniques and subtle improvements to our existing love making are profound and will stay with us always. It was a wonderful nurturing environment that has enhanced our marriage and has reminded us of the important things in life. Many months have passed now since attending and we realize the Tantra course was perfectly timed! We are so thankful to you Diane and Robert for such a wholesome course where you over extended so many of your healing qualities and love to keep each of us in such a loving spiritual safe place where we were able to absorb Tantra from two special people who have left part of themselves in us. We are both more loving and understanding of each other… deeply. In fact, our love resonates in our home, deepening and widening our relationship which is bound in continuous love, understanding and togetherness that we so enjoy.

Manjula and Steve Broadbent

“I can’t believe the difference tantra has made to so many things in our life together. It has been a soulful journey, one that has placed more sacredness in our relationship let alone another dimension to love making. And what a beautiful and rich feeling it is to share how she feels and where she is going. Thank you Diane, and to Robert to, for the gift of your gift to our relationship. Thank you for making us understand the sacredness of love. We have turned into tantra sales agents with our friends! We even made a couple of our dear friends cry listening to our experiences, not that this was our intention, which only goes to reinforce the power of love and the deeply ingrained need that all humans have for touching and experiencing the divine and eventually admitting they are the divine. We are only just beginning and we are looking forward to what the future holds for this journey, the great unraveling of the beauty of who we are, who we are together, and the expression of this in our daily lives.”

John and Amanda, SA

The Tantra week in Bali was the most magical and romantic week in my life. Diane and Robert were truly honest in their teaching and created a very sacred space for all of us to feel safe and special. It was the week of discoveries, surprises and deep healing. We discovered how to see and feel each other deeply. We were taught techniques and given tools for everyday life, to use and practice to stay connected even when we don’t feel like it. It opened the possibilities of acceptance, communication and understanding of each other on a different level, unknown to us before. Laughter returned to our lives. And to share our experiences with a group of wonderful, open and inspiring couples made it even more amazing and extraordinary. A memorable week!

Svetlana K, Adelaide

Although having some previous knowledge about Tantra, I was not sure whether the Tantra for couples would be more about physical or spiritual connection between two people. Soon it proved we can not separate the two since how can we divide love, and Tantra is a lot about love. Diane and Robert create genuine environment where people bring that love, which is often bitten by life, to a surface and deepen it through learning and practising Tantra. Very worth week of experience, which can extend to a happier life, with application of integrity, honestly and dedication. Thank you to our teachers for enabling goodness to flow from our heats and showing us what is possible.

Eduard K, Adelaide

“We got more than we could have ever hoped for. Personally, it provided a platform for me to get in touch and release a lot of blocked emotions that I didn’t even know were there. The course provided a very safe group environment to share feelings and exchange experiences. Little did we know just how much room for improvement there was to our relationship. Tantra provides us with tools to explore each other beyond intimacy, allowing us to be emotionally far more connected than we thought possible. It is encouraging us both to walk the path of self-discovery with far greater conviction, providing the safety net of each other’s support.”

Jutta and Ian, QLD