How Books Continue to Inspire Me

Just this April, en route to Bali I bought a book! Why? I already had 3 in my suitcase plus 6 on my iPad but the title grabbed me and what’s more, the price surprised me. The title was Chapter One and imprinted over that were the words: You have the power to change stuff! The price was…. wait for it…. whatever I wanted to pay! I opened it on the plane and for a start this was a “different” book. It read sideways instead of up and down. The first page said ‘Our world doesn’t need another book; it needs an idea that could change the course of history.’  I was hooked. I read it in one sitting and loved every word. I have ordered a box of these books, if you want one, let me know and whatever YOU pay we will donate to the organisation so they get double or more of what they would have!  Please buy one today!  Just email me.   I guarantee you will LOVE it!  It came about because Daniel Flynn, the author heard that kids between birth and 5 and the most vulnerable in poor communities – each year 3 million young kids don’t make it to their first month and every 90 seconds a mother in childbirth loses her life. He wrote it because around 1 Billion (with a B!) people live in extreme poverty yet 6 billion people don’t. Everyday billions of us pour tens of billions into consumer products which line the pockets of world’s large multinationals. What if everyone could take those billions and impact those without access to basic human rights? Herein lies the potential game changer.  Some of you will have heard or seen the Thank you brand but amazingly I hadn’t!  (100% of the profits go to this organisation committed to making a difference in a big way). Like Steve Jobs said: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

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Another book that inspired me was Creating Room to Read by John Wood.   Wow!  Amazing story of a man who loved to read and has brilliantly impacted the lives of over 10 million kids through the endeavours of this one man.   

I cannot recommend both these books highly enough.

I am continually amazed that The Goddess Within and our other courses are still going after 29 years!  I clearly remember my mother saying “You will run out of women, get a real job Diane” but I haven’t done either and I am still as excited about Goddess today as I was all those years ago and for that I am thankful.  I love learning because it gives me an opportunity to share with others so thanks for reading this. 

Blessings, Diane xxx

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