Spirituality or Sex

Many spiritual people hold the belief that they can’t be sexual as well as spiritual and many sexual people don’t understand the gift of spirituality in that process. In our society we need to bring back the Spirit, the inspiration… in order to manifest our highest potential in sex. We need to cultivate the art of sexual ecstasy in order to reach higher states of consciousness on one hand and also to deepen our intimacy with the person we love. Sexual love could be viewed as a holy sacrament and it is now time to regain that sense of wholeness that can come when you find the missing piece of the spiritual jigsaw puzzle.

Sexual energy is a physical expression of spiritual power that can unite us sexually and is a reflection of the underlying need in all of us to experience wholeness and create intimacy which can transcend our individual sense of separateness.

Tantra is the highest form of sexuality and it takes the experience of orgasm to new dimensions. Dimensions in which genital orgasm culminates in body to body and soul to soul communion. Touching every level of your being. This is not orgasm as we may have known it. It is where the entire body vibrates beyond our conscious control and wave like pulsations spread through our body, resulting in a melting into our beloved. This state actually alters consciousness.

It is scientifically proven that Tantra greatly stimulates brain cells and creates a bridge between the right and left hemispheres fusing the intellect of the left with the intuitive faculties of the right. This results in the magic called Ecstasy. Endorphins increase, white blood cells work better etc.
To reach a different plateau around sex requires a great deal of patience and a willingness to let go of what we thought to be true about sex which requires a refining process… a shifting in our consciousness from that which we have known, which however pleasurable, is nothing in comparison to what we can have. After all who taught us in the first place? No one educated in it I’m sure! For many it was not spoken about at all or if it was, often crudeness, lewdness and even porn came into play with lots of titilating laughter and an ‘uncomfortable’ feeling somewhere inside us. First step is to realize our sexuality is a gift and needs to be considered sacred. Sex by and of itself can be pretty boring and often people “do it” in order to release tension, stop frustration or simply to change the energy between lovers…. None of these are good reasons to make love.

We believe that it is up to men to awaken the Shakti Goddess in their beloved and women to awaken the intimacy and healer in their men. How many men even thought of themselves as being a healer?

Step 2 is to slow down and consider your bodies. As a toucher, are you really “feeling” that warm, tingly, smooth skin under your fingertips or is it just an entrée to the main course? As a touchee, can you even feel what your skin is saying under those fingertips? Check your bodies out. Is there a little pit in the bottom of the stomach that says you are a bit nervous, or tense; is your scalp tight waiting to see what happens next? How about spending a night just touching the skin and sharing what that touching and being touched feels like. Most of us are in such a rush to complete the event which of course results in orgasm (coming) whereas it should be called going because then it is all over. In an ancient tantric text it says “Stay with the fire in the beginning rather than the embers at the end.”

Step 3. Relax!!! The more you relax the more you feel and the more you feel the more you can heal. When you learn to relax into your sexual energy instead of building it to peak and then releasing it you will find the outcome is more love and more energy available to you. Tantra is about learning to redirect that energy inward and upward. Tantra has another saying: In the west there is the valley which is the foreplay and the mountain which is the orgasm. In Tantric language the valley is the orgasm and the mountain is what else is possible!

Step 4. Communicate. Most men would love to have a partner who asks for what they want or tells you when the button is in the off position? Most women do not have a clue what they like because they have not taken the time to find out! Communication is the biggest key to Tantra because in the words come the opportunity to learn about our beloved partner and what they really like… or not. Have a night where you don’t have orgasm as the end result but where your intention is to find out what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately for men what worked on your first lovemaking session and maybe even the second then has a habit of never working again but you don’t know because no one tells you and yet for both partners there is an unsatisfied deep longing for more but no knowledge of how to get it because words don’t often come easily in the area of intimacy.

Tantra is the highest octave of lovemaking you can possibly have and is considered to be a source of energy healing for both partners and the pathway to the transformation of your intimacy ability, your love making ability and your heart opening ability. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the Gift of Tantra.

Diane McCann Mathews facilitates The Goddess Within for women and together with her husband Robert, runs Man’s Inner Journey for men and Tantra.for Couples. Contact her on 08 82481281 or beyondtheordinary@internode.on.net Web: Tantra Australia

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