Tantra for Couples

Tantra Australia

Tantra began around 5000BC. It is written that Tantra must be reborn age to age and now is the time its mysteries are being revealed again.

Tantra is an ancient art form which transforms your sexual and spiritual lives by uniting them and it turns the sexual into the sacred. Tantra has been called the missing piece of the spiritual puzzle that we are all searching for.

The Tantric exchange is a Holy one where we bless each other physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically. It changes the nature of your sexual exchange and brings the spiritual aspect of love into your daily lives. It turns lovemaking into a loving meditation. It is the fuel of relationships that allows women to access the deep well of their feminine essence, their Shakti power – and allows men to recognise and access the healer that lies within all men, creating for every couple a union of sexual wholeness woven into a tapestry of intimacy and heart connection. It opens the way for a new level of communication and allows for deep healing.

Where did you learn about relationship? Most of us did not get a degree in sexuality and lovemaking. Every profession in the world requires that you apprentice yourself to a master, except the area of relationships! There we fumble around with information we acquired through our friends, books, movies, and most of us have no idea about what is possible in the sexual realm. After a while in a relationship often neither party is getting what they really want, women often close down sexually and men wonder what happened! A survey study in US showed that out of 90,000 people, 64,000 women preferred to be cuddled than have sex. We have a 50% divorce rate which is escalating. What is happening? Perhaps if we learned to open our hearts and discover the magic of sexual love we could alter the statistics!

Tantra begins by letting go of everything you thought you knew and takes you back to the beginning of your relationship when there was lots of energy, lots of love and lots of loving.

Tantra is lovemaking at its highest octave and it connects the passion of the genitals with the deep love and intimacy of the heart, totally fulfilling both partners. Tantra teaches you how to mix passion and intimacy into a beautiful blend of magic which touches every level of your being – deepening your love – merging you into oneness with your beloved, every time!

Tantra is for people who know there is ‘more’, who want to discover how to combine sexuality and spirituality, who want to be more alive in their bodies, have more ecstasy and transform their relationship and their life. The goal of men is to awaken the Goddess energy in their beloved and the goal of women is to awaken the heart energy of men so together they become conscious lovers.. The result is more harmony in the home, the family and precessionally… in the world.