Man’s Inner Journey


Is your intimate relationship a challenge?
Do you have difficulty relating to other men?
Can you improve your relationship with your father?
Do you sometimes repeat behaviours from the past?
Do you want to know more about who you are, really?

If you answered yes to any of these questions:

Then step out of your ‘comfort zone’ and join us
for a workshop of discovery, fun and enlightenment
as you uncover the tools to improve how your life works
and reduce the distance from your Head…. to your Heart.

Man’s Inner Journey offers a practical blend of information and experience that enables each man to develop insights into the beliefs, attitudes, influences and patterns of behaviour that impact on the quality of their life outcomes. The workshop offers you the opportunity to identify the aspects of your life you would benefit from changing, and provides you with the tools to change them.

Man’s Inner Journey is a personal development program designed specifically for men. It is a two day weekend workshop. An opportunity to invest in yourself, gain inner peace and give new power and wholeness to your life and to all your relationships. The Man’s Inner Journey workshop is suitable for any man of any age, any career who is seeking to understand more of himself. By undertaking the workshop, you will achieve clarity about your strengths, your self-worth and the truth of who you are.