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Relationships – Sex versus Tantra – What It Is – Why Do It?

The past 40 years or so have brought about many changes… these years gave us the promise of personal independence, prosperity and also sexual sophistication. For many people many of these promises have been fulfilled, we know more about everything than our grandparents did in terms of the world, thanks to the media and travel. We know more about ourselves because of self-help books and seminars and therapists of one kind or another. We know we have to take care of our bodies and that smoking is bad for us. Unfortunately, we are less successful in relationship than previous generations in making them last.

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Tantra – Relationships of the New Millennia

Relationships! What fascinating things they are. We spend most of our time trying to get into one and when we do it seems that 50% of our population then attempt to get out of them! For second marriages the results are not much better. Those who stay according to the Hite Report fall into the following categories.

  • 50% divorce
  • 82% of women love their husbands but they are not in love.
  • 71% of women have left the relationship emotionally although they are still there physically.
  • 82% love emotionally but not passionately
  • 13% of women married for 2 years are in a state of deep love

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Relationships of the Future

Australia has almost a one in two divorce rate, it’s obvious that something isn’t working in the male female relationship stakes. Is it that we fall “out of love”? Somehow I don’t think so! Let’s look at relationships.

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