Cracking the Heart Wide Open

Many things can do this… having it broken by a person, losing a pet, getting cancer or some dis-ease… All of these force us to look beyond our moment-by-moment ego and move into the arena of the heart to heal. Everything comes to pass – not everything comes to stay, an important saying in these increasingly changing times.

It’s important to live with an open heart and yet many have been hurt and think it’s safer to shut down. Then the pain we cause is to ourselves…. like keeping ourselves in prison. Shutting down doesn’t only keep people out, it keeps ourselves locked in!

My favourite authors speaks of childhood pain as being like writing with a fountain pen on cheap paper; the ink feathers and spills out around the edges of the words. She says childhood wounds are the same; they spread out and not dealt with, they stop us from living fully. The inner part of trees have to strengthen up to keep alive through winter. Humans who’ve been hurt put their toughness outside and tenderness inside. We all know people like that, those who appear tough, untouchable outside but who probably cry themselves to sleep with their tender insides aching to be loved, touched, held. We need to do it the other way round, like trees, wear our strength inside (and learn discernment, one of our greatest lessons) and softness outside. Love never hurts, only our resistance to love hurts!

I doubt there are many “functional” families…. Why? Because our lessons come through what we learn – life experiences. Babies are like sponges, soaking up everything. Parents can’t give 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so babies close down a bit, life moves on, scars deepen. Did you know scar tissue is very strong, far stronger than normal skin, so our wounds actually make us stronger.

Whatever was inflicted by someone else, is all yours now, as the adult that you are! What happened as children, needs to be dealt with in adulthood, because if not, it’ll come back over and over. If we take responsibility we see that it’s a repeating pattern… like Groundhog Day. Until we heal the children we used to be – we can’t be the adults we want to be… so how?

1. Admit the truth about what isn’t working, e.g. I’m not being nurtured, loved, appreciated (where are you not doing that yourself?) Look at all aspects of your life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Write it all down so you have a record of it.
2. Understand, until you actually bridge that gap between conscious and subconscious minds, nothing changes. Wriging affirmations repeatedly doesn’t work if your subconscious mind isn’t ready to accept them. The LifeLine Technique determines if the subconscious is able, ready, willing, safe etc to accept the intention. Most times, it isn’t! We change that using mudras and words and hey-presto, body accepts it. Then we look at time zones. “I am worthy, feeling loved and cherished” in the present but what about the past? We work with present, past and future to bridge that gap, so the person thrives.

I have attended and run workshops for over fifty years and life changes as we heal; the only way to heal is do the work on yourself. You can’t get it from books, although they help; you have to find a mentor, or workshop (or 2, 10, or 100) so you keep making shifts, peeling off layers of the onion, so eventually, you feel whole. Stuff still happens for me, but the difference is it doesn’t happen often, and I catch myself before/immediately after and I change it. I used to be very sad and lonely, I once thought about suicide because it was too hard. People can’t believe that and tell me how lucky I am to do what I love (teaching/working with people all over the world) but it isn’t luck. I was so miserable for so long, I hated myself so much that I just decided to do whatever it took to bring about changes. I wanted a life filled with joy and miracles and now I do… but not without doing lots of work on myself and you know what? It was worth every cent I spent, every tear I cried, every pain I felt because here I am now; filled with a sense of awe at my life, especially my relationship with myself! I leave you with one wish, that you too make the decision to do the work, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually because, doubtless you are a Lightworker and therefore deserve to live an abundant life so you can better serve the world. When I see anger out there I know there is some in me and likewise when I see love I know that’s also in me. Time to be gentle with ourselves, to remember the truth of who we really are… each one of you (and me) are divine magnificent spiritual beings, here to love, be loved and be of service.

Blessings…may life be filled with miracles, magic and healing. Breathe that in, then breathe out the same, to fill the hearts, minds and souls of those you touch. This is the only way to peace. It all begins within each one of us., so keep those hearts open.

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