Testimonials for The Goddess Within


The Goddess Within TESTIMONIALS

I made contact with my true feminine self at a level that was my core being. I watched women heal invisible wounds and uncover patterns they had adopted as their own. I saw how I limited myself, how I compromised what I wanted to say to protect others’ feelings. The Goddess Within was a precious gift I gave to myself and my life is better for it.

R. Blundell

I can honestly say that it was a most enlightening two days. A “lightening” of the burden of existence. Diane gives knowledge, not just information, with such joy and generosity that being in her presence is a time of delight. It is hard to imagine that emotional release could be such fun! I will certainly recommend the seminar to friends.

Maureen Tan, Businesswoman

It helped me understand how I have been limiting myself all my life and how I can change and claim all my power and energy back. I feel healed of an issue that I have been working on for quite some time and I now understand the patterns that I run and how to change them. It saved my life.

Becky D

Rarely does one have the opportunity of working with a Master who has integrated her teaching into her own life. Diane McCann is such a Master. With rare clarity and complete integrity she united and guided the group to experience shifts on many levels. Diane with feminine strength, love and humour safely helped me to really clear up my “internal house”. I recommend this experience to all women.

Karen Steele, Managing Director, Heli-Camp

A fabulous weekend – integration of my energies. A perfect program to help me with my new business venture. I felt very safe, supported and cared for while learning wonderful new information. What a gift to every woman.

M Bogelin

A magnificent experience of discovering who I truly am – a woman of substance – of many facets… a Goddess and being empowered to handle the many roles of a woman. Miracles now keep happening in my life and I am filled with love and joy.

Edie Ayer, Speech Therapist & Homemaker

A funny inspiring, warm, tender weekend guided by a wonderful woman who shows you that it is possible to be warm, intuitive, healing, feminine and powerful.

Shirin Jacob, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

This was an initiation into womanhood for me. I had done everything that was expected of me – getting a good education, getting a profession, marrying and having 3 children. At 33 I realised I was a child in a woman’s body! The goddess opened the doors to understanding who I am and what is possible for me. My life continues to evolve and it is wonderful. I came “home”.

E. Carr

Excellent. Anyone that can coach you through a life or two must be someone special! Diane’s my kind of woman.

J.Sherborn, Editor & Publisher – Elle & Cleo Magazines

A sense of peace and rekindling of my self esteem. A direction towards making the choice for myself without compromising my integrity.

Mary Lim, Banker

Are you willing to stand outside of yourself and look in? Then work to love, forgive, grow, change, challenge your beliefs and love some more. Diane is a wealth of knowledge and information and shares this with grace, passion and nurturing. Goddess is the name that fits this Divine workshop that is not a one off workshop, but a huge network of extraordinary women who meet and support each other monthly and have been doing so since 1989. Diane has created this through years of hard work and research. Her way is non-judgemental and she will welcome you whether you attend every event or once every decade. I highly recommend attending this course and believe strongly that every woman should give the gift of it to themselves at least once in their lifetime.

Rebecca. Cook, SA

If you are wondering whether or not this workshop is right for you now, then I can tell you – it is! Every woman who attends gets to experience unconditional love and learns how to have that in her life every day. I know this is a big statement but its true. Diane is highly intuitive, passionate and committed to seeing peace on this planet in her lifetime. In her workshops she teaches by example how to be the love/peace/joy you want to have in your life, with plenty of practical, intelligent information presented in an interesting and informative way. The Goddess Within is the best investment you can make for yourself and your loved ones. Sign up and the journey to wholeness begins!

Jane Lewis, SA

Absolutely outstanding! The Goddess Within was my first experience at femininity. I didn’t know I was a (powerful) woman till then. A deep, loving, nurturing, beautiful experience that I will treasure forever and have passed on to my daughter, simply because every woman should do this. Why miss out on the most amazing experience of your life, when u don’t have to. Diane is incredible at making you feel comfortable, she is funny, she has so much knowledge on all things important, and she is now my guide to living a fulfilling life.

Faye Browne, Melbourne

A beautiful experience that I will treasure forever and have passed on to my daughter, simply because every woman should do this. Why miss out on the most amazing experience of your life, when u don’t have to. Diane is incredible at making you feel comfortable, she is funny, she has so much knowledge on all things important, and she is now my guide to living a fulfilling life.

Diane McCann – shines the light for all to see…I was given a priceless gift the day I attended the Goddess Within course. Diane has taught me to be a bigger person, to trust enough to come back time and time again. I have been gaining knowledge from Diane for many years and its only now, in my time of great need, that I get to put into practice what I have learned. She is a teacher. She has absolute unconditional love for everyone she meets; her integrity is impeccable. If you are thinking of doing one of her courses, I say go for it! Thanks to Goddess I now have passion and purpose and confidence in my life which has carried me through some dark moments in my life and shines for me during the good moments.

Elizabeth Murphy, Oakbank SA

Between us our family (myself, my husband and our two sons) have participated in all the courses offered by the amazing Diane McCann and Robert Mathews, through Beyond the Ordinary. The Goddess Within changed my life and through me, our family began to heal and change. For myself and my husband, Tantra healed the struggling parts of our relationship and took it to levels deeper than we hade ever dreamed. In fact we returned for our 25th anniversary and it was even better the second time around. All 3 of my ‘men’ took ‘Man’s Inner Journey’ resulting in profound healing and brings ongoing benefit to us all, and beyond into their relationships. It is so heart-warming and humbling to see the ripple effects that participation in these courses have, and the ongoing support provided is invaluable.

Maggie Ball, SA

The Goddess Within was an absolutely fabulous weekend. Transforming, inspirational, hard to leave, amazing, supportive. Wisdom never sounded so natural.

Sue Wilkinson, NT

A complete informative weekend. Beautiful. Healing. I am completely empowered and now ready to live my life openly without my walls that I built. I don’t need them anymore. I learned heaps.

Leanne Cave, NSW

Wow, what an amazing weekend. I wish that every woman in the world could do this course. The weekend saved me, I have been very depressed and unhappy for a long time and from the bottom of my heart and soul I say thank you. I now have understanding and tools to make my life work.

Anastasia Giannias, SA

I loved Goddess. The mystery was so key for me. I moved a lot and felt total support from Diane and the team. I am different. I can feel it inside me. I came in quiet and closed and am leaving open and heartfelt.

Lisa M., SA

Absolutely amazing. I learned things about myself that I didn’t know I was afraid of or that they existed in me. I learned how much I can love myself. Diane is a blessing and I take her strength to keep going.

Neda F., VIC

I turned my life around 100% 8 years ago when I came to Goddess for the first time and it is still transforming my life on a daily basis. I cannot imagine how my life would be without the tools I gained. I learned how to live from my heart and not my head. I learned to trust myself and forgive myself and to love myself.

Cathy F., SA

When I was 18 I found a brochure for a women’s seminar weekend. 10 years later I attended that very same weekend seminar called “Goddess Within” and it forever changed my life. Now 20 years on I recently travelled to Melbourne with my Mum to experience in this weekend with my Grandmother who turned 80 years young in November. Three generations of women healing, reflecting, growing and connecting. What I learned from this experience is that there is never a time quite like the present to do those things you have been waiting to. What are you looking toward for the New Year? I recommend you to Diane McCann who has been the facilitator of this seminar for 25 years now and I wanted to offer you an exceptional opportunity to gift yourself with the information she has to share from her heart space to yours. Ladies, you know the time is right .. Now! If you are open to new possibilities in 2013 that will inspire you and evoke a profound shift in the way you view yourself and the world I invite you to call Diane and book your place for the February course. Come with a friend or family member or experience Goddess just for yourself.

Katrina Heuskes

I have you to thank for helping me in my journey. I still remember the first time I saw you was at a Goddess Preview In Singapore… I saw your big beautiful eyes and immediately felt I could trust you with my life. I was a fragile, broken spirit when I turned up at Goddess that November 1999. I have come a long way. I would not have come this far, would not have reached this far or this high, if you, Diane, had not picked me up, if you had not helped me mend my broken wings so I could fly again. Thank you, Diane; Thank you for picking me up; Thank you for helping me mend my broken wings; Thank you for holding my hands and steering me to the path of the Goddess. Thank you putting me on this journey. No words can truly express my gratitude for your kindness, guidance and love. I write now because I am about to attempt to get into Parliament. As you know I have been working with girls from the sex slave industry and freeing them so they can lead normal lives and now it is the next step. I thought you would want to know what Goddess did for me.

Saleemah I, Singapore


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Wendy and Peter, NSW

We’re both of us pretty much into seminars – Wendy, as a very seasoned attendee in Australia and the US and Peter has run dozens of seminars himself. Diane and Robert are both superb presenters. It is very evident that you know your area extremely well but far more important, you both love it with a passion and commitment that communicates itself to the participants. That’s what makes the difference between mere competence and the rare but special ability to inspire. Thank you.

Suzie and Robert, SA

I loved the earthiness of Robert and the bubbliness of Diane. Very impressed with the privacy, sacredness and love towards everyone. Also their ability to respect and honour wherever some one was at and hold them in a nurturing way.

Jutta and Ian, QLD

With hindsight, I can’t envisage us having done this course with anybody other than Diane and Robert. Even though they have both run this course for well over twenty years, they made us feel like we were the first participating group, keeping all the information fresh, exciting and most importantly fun. It was overwhelming to see their authenticity as well as their willingness to share their own experiences so freely. Between them they are the font of all Tantric knowledge providing so much self-empowerment to each and every participant of the group. Words cannot express our gratitude.

Jason and Laurene, New Zealand

We especially liked the professional & considerate way you conducted the programme with just the right balance of information, practical (private) practice, fun, open conversation & sharing. We had a great group – but the two of you were the conductors & what a wonderful job you did – well done. We think of you both often & hope you know the immensely positive & powerful difference you make in so many lives.

G & G, Mexico

They are great teaching as a couple…they compliment each other in a great way.

Marty and Caroline Daly, Tasmania

Having both the down to earth gent who connected with the blokes and the fairy godmother who captured the spirit and divineness of woman was a perfect combination. Both delivered the workshop in an entertaining, comfortable and direct manner. Fabulous.

Stella and Robert Bradshaw, Singapore

Both very experienced and fun facilitators/presenters that keep the subject matter light and entertaining. Very respectful and caring and do not put people “on the spot” We have done Goddess, MIJ and Tantra and all are brilliant.

Deborah and Don, Melbourne

Great team. Diane the emotive one & Robert, Mr pragmatic. The 2 styles allow everybody to relate to either side of the brain. The passion is obvious & that reflects in the way everything is presented.