What Men Have Said

Watch these short videos to see and hear what previous participants have achieved from attending the workshop:

Other comments:

There’s a road map to happiness and contentment and I believe that Man`s Inner Journey can show you how to get there. I have seen a tremendous difference to the quality of my life thanks to MIJ. Thankyou to all the facilitators and organisers for such a great workshop! Men don’t think about it too much – just go and do this workshop and you’ll see the difference yourself.

Jim G, 2014

The workshop exceeded all my expectations. The facilitators and support staff were highly professional and organised, and I felt supported at all times.  I would encourage any man who is wanting to explore and connect with themselves (and other men) on a deeper level to take the step in what is undoubtedly a life – changing experience.

David W, 2014

This workshop was the most life changing thing I have ever done for myself, and the people around me – 10/10.

Steve B

Excellent course – I got out of it what I was looking for and xwmuch, much more. I learnt so much about myself, relationships and what can be.

Cameron P

WOW!!! I have been searching for this for a real long time and didn’t even know I was. Thank you.

Steve B

Extremely impressed – it wasn’t what I expected, but was pleasantly surprised. It is going to improve my future immeasurably!

Jay R

I was a bit of a sceptic before MIJ bit I am glad I did it because it gave me the tools and confidence to change things in my life for the better.

Michael W

15 out of 10 – life changing. I am lost for words.

Charles C

This workshop was the best thing I have ever done for myself, and by extension my family, hands down!!

Huw B

MIJ is thoughtful, grounded, practical and well structured. A wonderful and personal affirmation for me and a call to action to be more involved in men’s journeys wherever I can help. The facilitators are extraordinary people with open hearts and an amazing ability to hold and create a sacred space.

John B

MIJ was absolutely mind blowing!! Thank you so much!

Shane D

An amazing experience every man owes it to himself to do. I loved the entire weekend from start to finish and didn’t want it to stop!

Stacy F

Awesome – the entire weekend was life changing. The facilitators were validating, open, understanding and wise. Thank You.

Aaron G

MIJ was fantastic. It showed me myself and that I’m OK the way I am! Thank you!

James M

Pure Joy. It is a true journey – when it was over I looked at the familiar with new eyes!

Ben J

My gratitude for a heart filled weekend exploring what it is to be a man…. It was an absorbing and beautiful experience. What a blessing and what a legacy you leave to the men’s movement…..my deepest heart felt thanks.

John W

A fantastic heart opening experience. Thank you. Diane is passionate and enthusiastic. Robert is down to earth, direct, irreverent and fun. I learned that if I give myself the approval I need I don’t need to struggle to get it. I got a deeper trust of other men with less competition and I feel male friendships developing.

Nicholas D

I should have done this years ago when I was first told about it. I realised that I am not alone and I finally got a start in moving on with my life.

George B

A wonderful powerful journey which exceeded my expectations. Diane and Robert are yin and yang, perfect balance of wisdom and knowledge.

Michael S

Brilliant, magical weekend of support, love mystery and being a male. I realised I still carry stuff around about my past and that creates a barrier for me to accept love in. I also realised I can never go back to the way I was before MIJ and that I am lovable.

Andrew B

Fantastic workshop, great support and understanding. I realised that what I thought was someone else’s problem was indeed mine. I also got that I am not alone.

Steven B

MIJ was challenging and insightful. I learned to not over analyse to look for reasons with my head. I also learned to open my mind and think about other possibilities. The most valuable learning was to appreciate and not take for granted the people in my life.

Michael P

A wonderful experience, humbling on many levels, enlightening, inspiring, confirming. I now belong to a wonderful group of people. This is the blueprint for a future way of living and relating. I learned that healing is release, that forgiveness is the beginning of healing and that Magic Does Happen.

Andrew R

MIJ was a very warm safe loving place to be in. Robert and Diane guided us through everything with simple explanations – I healed a major trauma from childhood. I learned it is OK to show my feelings. I learned about my patterns and I also learned that I am not the only man feeling the way I felt. An Amazing weekend!

Mark L

I discovered a lot about the real “me”. I am not as bad a guy as I maybe thought I was! I learned to love and trust who I am and to live my life from a place of integrity and passion. My brother gave me the seminar as a gift and I realised at the end of the workshop how much I love him.

Robert M

Like most men, I had a firm lid on my demons. “I was fine thanks.” MIJ created a space where I felt safe admitting to myself what my real issue was. It has changed my life forever, no less. I now have a path forward.

Phil B

Enlightening. It opened up the realisation that there’s a lot to learn but the journey will be fruitful. Robert and Diane were excellent, honest and open and good communicators. It was great to realise that I wasn’t alone and that the issues inside all men need to be worked on.

David M

No expectations could match the valuable lessons learned and the gentle processes used to unravel the past. I had a major father son connection as my Dad was in the room. Robert and Diane are the most connected partners I have had the pleasure of knowing.

John R

An excellent program – I gained significant benefits by opening up to communicate better. An enormous plus was recognising certain patterns of behaviour that were hindering progress in my career. The workshop gave me the tools to change.

David V

It’s about time there was a course like this for men. It was interesting, exciting, valuable and I believe more men should do this workshop if we are to feel fulfilled and have relationships that work.

Wayne T

What I thought was my major issue was actually covering my real concerns. I learned what life is really about and I realised what my next steps are.

James S

Man’s Inner Journey gave me the tools to deal with fears that arose in my personal and business relationships. Robert and Diane created an environment of trust and mutual respect allowing it to be safe for me to address any emotions, if I chose to.

Roger H

An extraordinarily powerful course that has had a very positive effect on me. I processed a lot of things that I plan to continue to explore. The facilitators are greatly gifted, skilled caring people and good communicators. I discovered my special place in the universe and the importance of men in my life.

Dennis F

This course was totally mind blowing. I learned a lot about my inner self and as the weekend progressed I felt comfortable in the presence of all the men, something I never felt before. I learned that I must love and trust my inner self. We all have our own problems but we all bonded together. I learned to be happy with myself completely. Robert and Diane were very accommodating and offered their support unconditionally as did all the assistants.

Andrew M

MIJ was very impressive and the material is so valuable for a lifetime of learning. Practical, simple solutions to many of life’s difficulties. I learned that change must occur in me before any change can happen in my world. I also learned that men must support men and serve as mentors. Diane and Robert are excellent facilitators – always supportive, always loving – what a joy it has been to share a weekend with them both.

Dennis B

This weekend was the most powerful thing I have ever done for myself and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to regain my life. Thank you.

Greg N