We're both of us pretty much into seminars - Wendy, as a very seasoned attendee in Australia and the US and Peter has run dozens of seminars himself. Diane and Robert are both superb presenters. It is very evident that you know your area extremely well but far more important, you both love it with a passion and commitment that communicates itself to the participants. That's what makes the difference between mere competence and the rare but special ability to inspire. Thank you.
Wendy and Peter, NSW
I loved the earthiness of Robert and the bubbliness of Diane. Very impressed with the privacy, sacredness and love towards everyone. Also their ability to respect and honour wherever some one was at and hold them in a nurturing way.
Suzie and Robert, SA
With hindsight, I can’t envisage us having done this course with anybody other than Diane and Robert. Even though they have both run this course for well over twenty years, they made us feel like we were the first participating group, keeping all the information fresh, exciting and most importantly fun. It was overwhelming to see their authenticity as well as their willingness to share their own experiences so freely. Between them they are the font of all Tantric knowledge providing so much self-empowerment to each and every participant of the group. Words cannot express our gratitude.
Jutta and Ian, QLD
We especially liked the professional & considerate way you conducted the programme with just the right balance of information, practical (private) practice, fun, open conversation & sharing. We had a great group – but the two of you were the conductors & what a wonderful job you did – well done. We think of you both often & hope you know the immensely positive & powerful difference you make in so many lives.
Jason and Laurene, New Zealand
They are great teaching as a couple...they compliment each other in a great way.
G & G, Mexico
Having both the down to earth gent who connected with the blokes and the fairy godmother who captured the spirit and divineness of woman was a perfect combination. Both delivered the workshop in an entertaining, comfortable and direct manner. Fabulous.
Marty and Caroline Daly, Tasmania
Both very experienced and fun facilitators/presenters that keep the subject matter light and entertaining. Very respectful and caring and do not put people "on the spot" We have done Goddess, MIJ and Tantra and all are brilliant.
Stella and Robert Bradshaw, Singapore
Great team. Diane the emotive one & Robert, Mr pragmatic. The 2 styles allow everybody to relate to either side of the brain. The passion is obvious & that reflects in the way everything is presented.
Deborah and Don, Melbourne