The Goddess Within is a journey into yourself, where you’ll discover who you really are;

The Goddess Within is for women who want more from life; who want to find their connection with themselves and fill a missing space and touch their core self. It is also for those who simply want confirmation that the path they have chosen is the right one.

Goddess Jigsaw

The Goddess Within will give you tools to effectively deal with your life, enjoying a new found sense of understanding. It will give you the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

The Goddess Within is about:

  •  Reclaiming The Wholeness Of Woman
  •  Reclaiming the Values of Feminine
  •  Reclaiming The Deep Spirit of Wise Woman
  •  Reclaiming The Goddess Within You
  •  Bringing you inner peace, clarity
  •  Awakening the Goddess
  •  Release of old patterns

You’ll discover how to deal with relationships…. with yourself, children, partners and parents,
how to make a difference on this planet,
how to re-access your innate trust and courage,
find energy you never knew you had,
claim your personal power,
look at sexuality vs sensuality,
how to honour, heal and forgive your past, empower your present and celebrate your future.
The Goddess Within is about unravelling and releasing old patterns that no longer serve you.

The Goddess Within is a time to focus on yourself, gain inner peace, give new power and wholeness to your life and your relationships. It is about rediscovering your strengths, self worth, power, and your ability to receive, allowing you to create the life you’ve always wanted. Through The Goddess Within you will understand that you are a beautiful human being, worthy of love and respect and honour yourself as such.

If these words speak to you and you know it’s for you, see our Workshop Calendar for dates and locations for The Goddess Within.