Some of my Favourites

Here are some websites you might find of interest:

Things To Do For The Planet

Carry For Kids
Going overseas? Then take something to make a difference in the lives of kids. Take some toothpaste, a toothbrush, bandaids, Dettol. A small bag of goodies can make a difference to a life.

The Self-Sufficiency Shoppe
Pam Marshall teaches you how to make things for your home, like home made soap. She is great and an informative disseminator. Good to learn, fun to do and good for your health.

Women’s Visions United for Mother Earth
A not-for-profit quilt project - how to be part of it

Things To Do For Yourself & Your Health

Raw Food Courses
Remedy exudes what she eats, she is a fabulous presenter, a fantastic raw foodist and her courses are absolutely worth doing. I loved her courses and still like to go just to see her energy and taste her divine food. Email Rem on –

Global Light
One of my favourite health product companies. David and Libby are amazing and everything is so strictly made and tested.

Seminars and Events

Julie Way

Delta Waves

People to Check Out

Jaiia Earthschild Musician and Writer. You can buy her book I Clitoris online. Buy Now

Pamela Matthews Artist (We use Pamela’s art works at Tantra and on the Tantra website. Her work is exquisite).

The Great Illusion Artist
Having used many of Jim’s wonderful paintings in our seminars over the years, to see his art combined with thought provoking words is worth a look. This is what Victor wrote: The meaning of life put into words and thoughts that can be understood by even the casual metaphysical student was my objective. The search is not out there in the chaotic world of illusion; but the secret, answers and awareness is deep inside your own mind. Recognition of this journey is a quest that resonates within your heart and once discovered makes everyday inspirational. You live, you learn.

What Water Devices Do I Recommend?

We have an Ecovortex attached to the mains. This technology emulates water’s natural journey from a pure mountain spring as it swirls and tumbles over para-magnetic rocks and flows down into streams and rivers. It reduces hardness of water – de-scales existing pipe work and appliances – reduces bacteria and fungi levels – maintenance free – no running costs.
Phone 08 8388 5611 Fax 08 8388 5663 E-mail:

We also use….
Wellness Water Filters
If you want to buy a water filter, these are the ones we use and recommend. If you put the number 900336 on your order you will get your second filter at half price and we get a small commission which in turn we tithe to an orphanage fund.

What Can’t I Live Without?

Thermomix Machine
This is the best device I have ever bought. I love it and use it every day. At least once! The product of more than 40 years of German design and innovation, Thermomix unites the functions of over 10 appliances in one compact unit. Thermomix will amaze you with its ability to chop, beat, mix, whip, grind, knead, mince, grate, juice, blend, heat, stir, steam and weigh food. No wonder it has earned the title – the world’s smallest, smartest kitchen! Featuring a gearless motor with an unlimited life expectancy, Solingen steel blades and a stainless steel bowl, Thermomix brings a new dimension to food preparation and cooking. Faster and more efficient than any similar appliance, it saves time, money and importantly valuable space in the kitchen. It does not destroy the enzymes in the food which is the main reason I bought it. (Again if you put my name in the referral more money goes to the orphanage) Contacts:
SA – Lori Ewens – – 0438 826 034
VIC – Anne O’Brien – 0412 840 861
Everywhere else, contact Janine on 0412 044 353

Sites I Just Love

Angels of Hope

Phenomenal Women

Earth Mandalas

Good4You Aromatherapy

Goddess Gifts

Hypnosis Health Care

Astrology Guide for Kids

Womens Circles

Creative Mandalas

Things of Interest

When you need something quickly this is a great guide. A dictionary of every crystal on this beautiful planet of ours.

David Icke
David’s views are really “out there” – he is outspoken, outrageous and having been in his workshops, much of what he says just makes so much sense. He is a conspiracy theorist so be prepared to be shocked if you read his books or go to his site.