Workshop Facilitator: Diane McCann

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Slowing Down to Stay with the Change: Part 1

A Conversation about Conscious Living with Diane McCann

Diane McCann, has been working in the field of human development for more than 50 years. Throughout this time she has been working with people to bring awareness and information into their minds and hearts about their own potential as human beings. She has seen many waves of trends and philosophies come and go and the beauty about a conversation with someone who has been committed to this field for such a long time, is the simple logic that she embraces that has been tried and tested over eons in creating and living a life you enjoy.

Conscious Living is about slowing down to find that place in you that grounds you so that no matter what is happening in your outer world, you have the grace to stay centred in your inner world. A clearer mind and heart means your decisions, actions and choices are all congruent with the way you wish to live. Your life then reflects you as an individual rather than you as a product of events. I hope you enjoy the interview.

DianeDiane trained extensively in the USA and UK and has been involved in the healing arts, personal development and business technology for over 3 decades. Her search has led her through most of the alternative practices and qualified her in many, including NLP, Educational Kinesiology, Massage, Chakra Balancing, Iridology and Rebirthing. She has also studied with many masters in their respective fields. Diane had a private practice for over 20 years. She was the Co-Founder and S.A. Director of the Australian Institute of Rebirthing from 1985-1992 and was responsible for getting rebirthing into a prison system. She also spent 15 years as Managing Director of a company so she understands both the practical and the spiritual. Diane is a writer, a frequent guest speaker on radio, TV and for organisations and a wonderful story teller. Well known for her ability to inspire people to achieve the best within themselves, Diane uses empowerment, humour and skill to bring out the full potential in the people she works with. She creates a safe, non-threatening space. With a vision of world peace, she has an absolute passion for making a difference in this world and The Goddess within was created originally to give people more choices… thus the chance to live their lives consciously. The program is run in Australia, Singapore and UK and has been presented in New Zealand and USA. Diane is also a Certified LifeLine Practitioner having gone to USA to learn this brand new technique. She brings Dr Weissman to Australia every March.