Robert Mathews and Diane McCann Mathews

For many years Robert Mathews worked as a project manager implementing major infrastructure developments in the UK and Middle East. He subsequently operated his own very successful construction business. Robert began investigating alternatives in the early 1980’s and trained in many disciplines including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Rebirthing, D.I.S.C., Personal Profiles, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Touch for Health, and others.

Diane McCann Mathews has trained extensively in the USA and England, and has been involved in the healing arts, personal development and business technology for over 30 years. She is qualified in many alternative therapies and had a private practice for 20 years. She was the co-founder and South Australia Director of the Australian Institute of Rebirthing from 1985-1992. Her women’s personal development program The Goddess Within has been held internationally for the past 13 years. Also, together Robert and Diane have been travelling the world teaching Tantra for over a decade.

Robert and Diane’s aim is the empowerment of the individual to offer them better choices. Between them they create a safe, supportive, loving environment where people can tap into their core and heal. During the workshop, they teach with profound insight, gentleness, humour and love, offering a unique blend of the practical and metaphysical.

Robert also runs workshops for men entitled: Man’s Inner Journey and Diane runs workshops for women entitled: The Goddess Within.