The Keeper


The Keeper is a small soft rubber cup which is both comfortable and reusable. It is worn internally and collects the menstrual fluid, simply empty the contents and re-insert. Available in two models :

A Cup – has a diameter of 48 mm and is 53 mm long. The soft rubber is slightly more flexible comparing with the B cup.

B Cup – has a diameter of 44 mm and is 53 mm long. The soft rubber is a little less flexible comparing with the A cup.
The Keeper has a life expectancy of at least 10 years if cared for properly.

Age Never given birth Caesarean section Given vaginal birth
Under 30 years B B A
Over 30 years A A A

Three month money back guarantee 
Each cup comes with instructions plus a cotton carry pouch
A cup price$45.00 Qty:
B cup price$45.00 Qty:

The size is imprinted inside the bottom of the cup. The stem is 25 mm long and can be trimmed to a comfortable length. If the stem is in between your labia, trim it so that no part of the stem is outside your vagina. Cut the stem a little at a time until you find a comfortable length.

All women are different. If you experience leakage we recommend the A model which will ensure a comfortable fit (see also: useful hints). The average monthly flow of women is 90-120 mls. Emptying the cup a few times a day is adequate. The Keeper holds 30 mls at a time and can be worn for up 10 hours and be used overnight. It is important to rinse your Keeper thoroughly at least twice a day during your period.

After a short time you will find, as thousands of other women have, just how comfortable, practical and convenient the Keeper is.

The Keeper is not suitable if you have an allergy to rubber.

Because you deserve a sound choice that saves your budget and cares for the environment.

  • Re-usable and has a life expectancy of 10 years
  • NOT associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • Can be worn for up to 10 hours
  • Saves the budget – no more monthly costs!
  • Does not contribute to landfill
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Offers freedom for sports women
  • Convenient while travelling
  • Practical for use during menses
  • Made from soft gum plantation rubber
  • Listed with Therapeutic Goods Administration (AUST L 68249)

The Keeper has a three month money-back-guarantee from the date of purchase. (So what do you have to lose by trying?) If you are not satisfied with your Keeper, please return your Keeper to point of purchase together with the receipt. Please do not remove the stem completely as we won’t be able to extend our refund policy to you. We would like to encourage you to contact us if you experience any difficulties. We are both long time users and may be able to offer a solution. A postage and handling fee will be deducted if applicable. The guarantee does not cover damages to your cup caused by improper use.

The Keeper must be used for the intended purpose only.

All prices are in Australian dollars. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

“I bought a Keeper from you over a year ago and am extremely pleased with it. After having children I was having difficulty keeping tampons in despite my best efforts to improve my pelvic floor but the Keeper has proved to be 100% effective. I also love the fact that there is nothing to be disposed of and have found it invaluable while travelling. What a brilliant product!’ (Gil, via the Internet)

“I bought the keeper a few months ago and I would encourage every woman to give this a try. In my experience the keeper has been more comfortable and safer to wear than an average tampon. I am hardly aware of having my period with the keeper. It is also cheaper and great for water sports (or any sports for that matter) plus good for the environment. I wish every woman could find out about this excellent product!”
(Kaz, via the Internet)

“I bought the Keeper a while ago. I am writing to say that I am very happy with it and will be telling my friends about it. It has taken some getting used to but I am really pleased that I made the decision to give it a try, and I will not be going back. Thanks!” (Rebecca)

“I do a lot of aquatic sport and The Keeper is just ideal… Had I known this was available I would have been using it for years, and so would a lot of other women.”
(Susie, via the Internet)

“I have used The Keeper for 3 months now and it is the greatest invention for women since sliced bread. It is soooo convenient, no messier than using tampons, no waste, no cost after initial purchase…and no GST!”

“Great to see The Keeper is known here. I’ve had mine for 7 years and I wouldn’t be without it. I travel a lot and it goes everywhere with me.”
(Canadian tourist, Salamanca market, TAS)

“This is my third period with The Keeper and I am comfortable with it – and I am discovering that I feel less pain from cramping during the 3 days of flow. Very little pain compared to when I was using tampons. Could the severe pain during the menstrual flow be partly due to wearing tampons? What chemicals are in tampons? And are those chemicals leaching into our systems through the walls of the vagina?”

“I have recently purchased a Keeper and have just used it for the first time. By the second day I had the hang of using it. At first I was a little unsure about it and had some doubts in my mind, however by the end of my cycle I was amazed at how effective and comfortable it was. I even felt confident using it in public toilets.” (Amanda, Newcastle, NSW)

“The Keeper is practical, saves money and is absolutely invaluable when you are travelling. I went backpacking through the highly environmentally sensitive “Walls of Jerusalem” in Tasmania. All rubbish has to be taken out and dumped and I was so relieved I didn’t have to spend the week lugging soiled sanitary wear around with me. It’s essential if you’re doing a long trip overseas to remote areas where sanitary protection is expensive and/or unavailable.”

How to Use
The Keeper is a natural gum soft rubber cup that is worn internally during your menses. If you have sensitivity to rubber please do not try this product. The cup can be worn confidently anytime including overnight and during sports. Since it holds 30 mls (entire average monthly flow approximately 90-120 mls) the Keeper needs to be emptied only a few times a day and can be worn up to 10 hours.

The Keeper is simple to use. Just empty the cup as required, rinse and reinsert. It is not necessary to remove the Keeper for urination or bowel movements. By monitoring the fullness of the cup you will be able to accurately determine how often you should empty it.

Always wash your hands well before and after handling the Keeper.

Step 1 Hold The Keeper
Hold between thumb and forefinger and squeeze the cup together.

Step 2 Fold The Keeper
Hold the folded sides between your thumb and forefinger with the curve facing down.

Step 3 Insert
While sitting on the toilet or squatting, relax your muscles and separate your labia with your free hand, then insert the folded cup completely into your vagina, the curved side first. Release your grip from the cup and it will unfold.

Trim the stem to a comfortable length. If the pull tab is located between your labia, you will have to trim it so that no part of the stem is outside your vagina. Cut the pull tab a little at a time until you find a comfortable length. If you trim of the pull tab completely we won’t be able to offer you our three-month-money-back guarantee.

When inserted properly the cup should not cause any discomfort.

You may wish to lightly moisten the rim lightly with clean water, too much will cause leakage

The cup follows the natural slant of the vagina. The Keeper does not touch the cervix, but rests comfortably below it.

While sitting on the toilet, push your cup towards the vaginal opening using your stomach muscles. Then relax and grasp the pull tab firmly with your fingers. Pull your cup down so you can grasp the bottom of the cup. Pinch gently to release the seal. Slowly pull the cup down while moving from side to side. Removal is more comfortable if the cup is brought out one side first followed by the other. Ensure you keep the cup upright to avoid spillage.

Ensure you relax your muscles before removal. Moving your Keeper from side to side while removing avoids any discomfort. A few sheets of toilet paper dropped into the bowl before emptying your cup will avoid residue in the toilet bowl.

Rinse your Keeper with clean water or wipe with a tissue before re-inserting.

If you are in a public toilet, you may wish to take a small bottle of drinking water with you to rinse your cup.

Do not wear the Keeper too high. The Keeper is worn low under the opening of the cervix.

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles a few minutes each day will assist in holding your Keeper in place and avoid leakage. A small push with your stomach muscles after insertion will bring the Keeper into the correct position.

It is important to stay relaxed when using your Keeper. The more relaxed you are, the easier you will find it to insert and remove, and will ensure a better seal.

If you experience a heavy flow, leaking may occasionally occur while using your Keeper. To help prevent this you can combine a reusable Moon Pad together with the Keeper that is still a responsible and sustainable choice that saves your budget!

Useful Hints
Become familiar with your genital area and stay relaxed when inserting the Keeper. Some women find their Keeper occasionally moves towards the cervix, making it difficult to reach. Push down with your stomach muscles until the pull tab is closer to your vaginal opening. Don’t panic, you cannot lose the cup inside! Some women remove the pull tab completely, which we only recommend when you are comfortable using your cup and if you have used the Keeper for over three months. Always trim the pull tab a little and then try. Ensure that the pull tab is inside you vagina to avoid discomfort.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
Toxic Shock Syndrome is rare but can be serious and fatal if not detected early. TSS is caused by the Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria. The warning symptoms can include:

Feeling ill, headache, muscular pains, high fever and chills (usually 39C or above), vomiting, diarrhoea or confusion, and a sunburn-like rash during your period or a few days later.

TSS is linked to high absorbency and prolonged use of tampons. The Keeper is a receptacle that collects the menstrual fluid and therefore not linked to TSS.

If you experience any unusual symptoms while using the Keeper, please stop using the Keeper immediately and seek medical advice.

Some women have an extra Keeper handy to avoid inconvenience when their period arrives unexpectedly. The Keeper is ideal when travelling overseas, camping outdoors or for the active woman, especially those involved in water sports.

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