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Teslas have developed this as more and more people are using iPads, tablets and Laptops.
These devices are very powerful and emit strong EMFs which are believed to cause damage to our DNA.
The set consists of 4 Tags which are 15mm in diameter each with a thickness of 1mm.  Colour is silver
These tags at first glance look like a Tesla Phone Tag which was developed exclusively for mobiles and cordless phones and are very focused in one area.
This set has been developed to affect or treat both the device and the person using it and it NOT focused.  The set of 4 is necessary and are placed in all corners of the device and spreads energy equally on both sides (both upper and lower body from where the device is held).
These are NOT to be used on mobile phones due the difference in design and they are not sufficiently effective for use on phones.
They come with instructions and double sided tape and can be transferred from device to device as you replace.

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