New 99% silver conductive fabric on the surface area.  The fabric is 50% polyester and 50% nylon tightly woven together and then metalized (dipped in silver).  When taken out of the silver bath the silver has bonded with the nylon in the fabric giving coverage across the entire surface of the fabric.  The batting is polyester.  By metalizing the fabric it increases the amount of silver in the product as compared to any other Earthing sheet on the market that has silver woven into it.
It is designed as an underlay to go between the mattress and the fitted sheet.
Sleep deeply and comfortably knowing your body is absorbing the benefits of the Earth’s natural healing energy, along with silver’s anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.
It measures 45.7cm (18”) x 90.2cm (35.5”) and is machine washable.
The Earthing Sleep Deep Pad Kit includes
1 x Earthing Underlay Sleep Deep Pad
1 x 4.6m (15’) cord
1 x instruction brochure
1 x Adaptor plug with built in splitter
Medically Proven Health Benefits
Betty sleep quality
Improved Circulation and blood flow
Reduced stress
Relief from pain and inflammation
Relief from muscle tension
Boost to immune system
plus many more benefits.
To read more about the benefits of earthing click here

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