Anti-Vaccination Forms

Hi everyone, thanks for being committed to your health and changing the system.

These are extra instruction of how to post these letters, this is what you do:

  1. Obviously change the name at the top to yours with your address…..
  2. Put all the documents into, the only ONE registered envelope and attention it to Scott Morrison. Parliament House, Canberra, Act,2600


You can download everything by clicking here: Anti-Vaxx Forms


Most of you know me, but there are people here who don’t…… I have another FB page where I post information relating to vaccinations, 5G, the CoV, the cabal.  Some of it may not be your cup of tea which is okay but there are some great pieces of information here.  I am basically of the opinion that one needs to educate oneself and decide from our heart what is true for us…. so the page is not for people to say BS… or whatever, it is simply an education page.  Believe it or don’t, I don’t mind either way but I don’t want to deal with hecklers because I am just disseminating information.   The page is called Fact/Fiction – You choose


You can join by clicking here:


This is the time of the Great Awakening that has been spoken about in every culture since the beginning of time and handed down orally from one generation to the next.  We are here, right now, and we cannot acquiesce to things that don’t feel right for us.

I also send out a monthly newsletter of inspiration and what’s happening so if you want that too, please ask.

Sorry but I asked people to PM me and some people just asked me to send with no email, others put it on the FB thread, others PMd me and to be honest after over 300 in 2 days I was totally lost about who did and didn’t get it as I had to copy and paste everyone’s emails into a new email.


My suggestion if you are sending them out

  1. Copy it
  2. Take out your name top and bottom of most forms
  3. Type in Name, address as per original.

Read the instructions carefully…..  and change what needs to be changed, i.e. We to I if you are an individual.


Again, you can download everything by clicking here: Anti-Vaxx Forms


A new website is also available and I filled this in too. It is different and easier but I believe the more we do (half an hour of your time) is worth it in the end. So please, go to the website by clicking HERE



Phew, done.

Infinite love and gratitude, Diane xx