About Man’s Inner Journey

What is Man’s Inner Journey

  • Man’s Inner Journey (MIJ) is a personal development program designed specifically for Men.
  • It is a residential weekend workshop, an opportunity to invest in yourself, gain inner peace and give new power and wholeness to your life and to all your relationships.
  • MIJ is suitable for any man of any age, any career who is seeking to understand more of himself. By undertaking MIJ, you will achieve clarity about your strengths, your self-worth and the truth of who you are.
  • MIJ offers a practical blend of information and experience that enables you to develop insights into the beliefs, attitudes, influences and patterns of behaviour that impact on the quality of your life outcomes.
  • The workshop offers you the opportunity to identify the aspects of your life you would benefit from changing, and provides you with the tools to change them.
  • To reinforce and further integrate the personal learnings achieved from the workshop, MIJ also offers ongoing support and encouragement through regular meetings of like-minded men, with a view to building community and friendship, and lessening isolation through sharing life issues with other men. Check our Men’s Group page.



Why do we need Man’s Inner Journey?

“Traditional male socialisation and ‘cultural scripts’ encourage men to be tough, self reliant, competitive and independent. According to these traditional values, men must appear to be highly independent, super-competent, experienced, rational, invulnerable, unemotional, in-authority, tough … the prime values of masculinity can be seen to be performance, competence and independence.” (Alan Jenkins, An Owners Guide to Male Sexuality).

Most men would agree that we still get brought up under the scenario, ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’. Clearly, this male training routine doesn’t work. Consider that:

  • Men on average live 6 years less than women
  • Men routinely fail at close relationships – women initiate relationship separation in 80% of cases
  • Over 90% of convicted acts of violence are carried out by men
  • In schools, 90% of children with behavioural problems are boys, 80% of children with learning difficulties are boys
  • The most common cause of death for males between 12 and 60 is suicide
  • As boys grow and experience pressures of the male role, their suicide rate increases 25,000% compared to girls
  • Male violence has been linked to a lack of empathic nurturing from parents

The traditional male role model is restricted, we have witnessed radical changes in the role of women in society (wife, mother, worker etc), and men have experienced difficulties being raised in a way inconsistent with the changed roles and expectations of our society. The MIJ program was developed to offer a vehicle for men to tackle the challenges now being faced.

MIJ offers insights and opportunities for changing your internal world, providing tools, ways and means for developing greater self-awareness. In achieving this, you will have the opportunity if you choose, to implement the changes you think are important for delivering more positive and effective life outcomes.


What Does Man’s Inner Journey Deliver?

Everyone is unique and brings their own issues and views and as a result takes away different outcomes. By completing MIJ you can typically expect to achieve greater:

  • Insight – learn why you do what you do
  • Balance – gain greater perspective and the knowledge that you are not alone
  • Inner Peace – learn that you are OK
  • Understanding – discover that there is more to life than what you had previously thought
  • Self-Awareness – experience how those who understand themselves are wise
  • Personal Power – release negative emotions about yourself
  • Improved Business and Personal Relationships – improve relationships through insight and understanding
  • More self esteem – learn to love yourself

During the MIJ seminar you will explore:

  • Relationships with women, children, your father and your work associates
  • Energy you never knew you had
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your personal power and courage
  • How to look with new eyes at your sexuality
  • How your birth affects your personality
  • How behaviour patterns of the past have set up your future, and how to change them
  • How to honour, heal and forgive your past, empower your present and celebrate your future

MIJ starts you on the path to greater self awareness and happiness.


Who Created Man’s Inner Journey?

Robert Mathews and Diane McCann Mathews

Sadly in 2019 Robert Mathews died however Diane still facilitates the program.

RobertDiane-mijFor many years Robert Mathews worked as a project manager implementing major infrastructure developments in the UK and Middle East. He subsequently operated his own very successful construction business. Robert began investigating alternatives in the early 1980’s and trained in many disciplines including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Rebirthing, D.I.S.C., Personal Profiles, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Touch for Health, and others.

Diane McCann Mathews has trained extensively in the USA and England, and has been involved in the healing arts, personal development and business technology since the 70s. She is qualified in many alternative therapies and had a private practice since 1970. She was the co-founder and South Australia Director of the Australian Institute of Rebirthing from 1985-1992. Her women’s personal development program The Goddess Within has been held internationally many times every year, since 1987.

Diane’s aim is the empowerment of the individual to offer them better choices. She creates a safe supportive, loving environment where people can tap into their core and heal. Diane teaches with profound insight, gentleness, fire, humour and love, offering a unique blend of the practical and the metaphysical.